Craft Beer in Washington

The brewing industry has become an economic force both nationwide and in Washington State.  In 2013, the Brewer’s Association  reported that the craft beer industry contributed almost $34 billion to the United States economy as a whole the year prior.

Photo Credit: Brewers Association

This map shows the economic impact by state of the craft brewing industry in 2012. In 2014 Washington surpassed all other states for the highest number of breweries to open in the last year. Photo Credit: Brewers Association.


Over one third of the breweries contributing to that total number are in four states: California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.  Washington’s over 250 breweries have created 42,000 jobs, contributed $946 million in taxes (generated and paid) and a total of over $4.2 billion to Washington’s economy as of 2012. These numbers demonstrate the brewing industry’s capacity as a powerful ally when organized around an issue.

In recognition of this, Washington Wild created the Brewshed® Alliance.

The brewing industry has the natural potential to be a powerful advocate for measures to protect clean water. Over 90% of their final product, craft beer, is water.  Water is used in each step of the brewing process, all the way from growing hops and malts to washing kegs and bottles. In particular, water quality means everything when it comes to perfecting the flavor of each type of craft beer.  As Washington Beer Blogger Kendall Jones once said, “Nobody knows the value of good water better than a brewer.”

The source of the primary ingredient to beer provides the cornerstone upon which the final product of the brewing industry and its subsequent jobs and economic power are built.  That is why breweries across Washington State have joined the Washington Brewshed® Alliance to keep Washington wild, green and full of great beer.

They know that their product and the brand of Washington beer is only as good as the water that flows into it, and they want their consumers to know this critical component to the success of the beer industry, too. Craft brewers can be powerful advocates for conservation by raising their voices, their brands and their beers to protecting wild waters across the state!

Join Washington Wild as a Brewshed® Member today and show our breweries that their message of support has been heard, and that we can work together to protect our wild waters AND our beer!





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